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40 Red Frosted Lights

Set of 40 unshaded push-in Christmas lights by Pifco.

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The set consists of 40 unshaded light bulbs in plain green holders.

Bulbs have an unusual opaque finish in a rich claret red colour. One bulb per set is a standard white-tipped fuse bulb instead of red.

A generous packet of ten spare bulbs is included and a plug is ready-fitted.

Technical details


The set pictured most likely dates from the second half of the 1990s or very early 2000s:

Pifco features

Sets produced by Pifco have certain characteristic features that typically differ from other manufacturers' sets.

Hallmarks of Pifco design that appear in this set include:

Similar designs

Pifco also produced frosted lights in green and gold.

Similar opaque lights in various different colours were also produced by Noma under the 'Panache' name.


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